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Australia is known for many things, I don’t know what comes to your mind whenever I mention the state. For me, I think of great designs and styles of adornment. Both Australian men and women don’t want to be left behind as far as fashion is concerned. I believe that an outfit cannot be complete without jewelley and Australians seem to know this fact. From watches, necklaces, bracelets, wedding rings and the rest, they can make you look great. After acknowledging the importance of jewellery, you need to know how to get then and protect them. This post is meant to introduce you to the 100% Australian owned online jewellery box supplier.

My treasure box

There are many companies that sell jewellery boxes online in Australia. You may have heard of some of them, but how do you settle on one? If you randomly ask a properly adorned person where he or she gets jewellery, chances are that they are my treasure box customers. What is the secret behind their popularity?

AT my treasure box, you will only find high-quality jewellery that lasts long. Moreover, they offer free shipping services for all products within Australia. Whereas some companies exorbitantly charge their clients, my treasure box offers affordable prices. What are you interested in? They offer watch boxes, jewellery boxes, and jewellery stands.

I have bought my jewellery from my treasure box for a couple of years, I am not only recommending it for what I have experienced but also what most users say. This is 100% Australian owned business that has transformed the world of jewellery, don’t be left out.

Their vision is to offer the finest jewellery and watch boxes at the best prices, and so far they have lived their vision.

Types of jewellery to be kept in your jewellery box

There is very many jewellery for almost all body parts. In this post, I will highlight most of them though not all are applicable in Australia.

The hair and head jewellery include coronet, corolla,diadem or circlet, kokoshnik, makuṭa, pschent and khepresh, tiara, earrings, fascinator, hairpin, hatpin, and sarpech or aigrette. On the neck, people adorn themselves with bolo tie, carcanet, choker, necklace, pendant, and torc. Also, armlet (upper arm bracelets), bangle, and bracelet are worn on the arm. Besides, bracelet and rings are worn on the hand. Finally, for the body we have belly chain, body piercing jewellery, breastplate, brooch, and chatelaine and the anklet (ankle bracelets) and toe rings are worn on the feet.


My treasure box offers the best quality of jewellery boxes in Australia. Being 100% Australia owned, they are best placed to understand Australian tastes, designs, and preferences, no wonder they appear on the list of the top jewellery dealers. Getting your jewellery box is pretty simple, all you need is just to log in to the “my treasure box” website, make an order, and wait for delivery. Join our class by allowing them to provide your jewellery.

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