Five Places to Visit in Arizona

Arizona is a mostly desert state in the southwestern region of the United States. But when it comes to tourism, the state is not to be ignored for not having enough to offer the tourists. In fact, the state boasts a lot on the front of tourism with its scenic landscapes, cities full of life, warm weather all year round with a very mild and pleasant winter. If you are planning to visit Arizona soon, here we have hand-picked five spots you could hardly give a miss;

The Grand Canyon: This huge natural wonder is so popular that the state of Arizona is known as the state of Grand Canyon. This is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River as it passes through the Colorado plateau is around 277 miles long and around a mile deep in some places. As a traveler, you have the opportunity to hike through the northern rim or raft the Colorado River to explore the age-old beauty of this national park.

Sedona: the city famous for its natural red sandstone formations has been a major attraction for tourists. To see these sand stone formations appear to glow under the rising or setting sun in bright orange or red is a treat in itself. This central Arizona city of Sedona has a plethora of outdoor activities to offer to the outdoor enthusiasts visiting the city. The city has been a great attraction for people with the spiritual inclination and the ones looking for outdoor adventures as well.

Tucson: The city normally has more than 300 sunny days that attracts the sun lovers the most. You can get yourself tanned alongside the beach as long as you could and if it bores you then you can set out to explore the wildlife. Native animals like coyotes and prairie dogs can be spotted easily out there. Arizona-Sonoran desert museum is another great attraction for the tourists coming to Arizona. Also, Tucson is home to many authentic Mexican foods owing to its proximity to the Mexican border.

Phoenix: This is the fifth largest city in the United States always abuzz with many activities that will attract tourists. Best known for its well-manicured beautiful golf courses, this city has a lot to offer the golf aficionados. Also, it is famous for many world-class spas as well. For tourists, there is the Desert botanical garden and the Musical instrument museum to make their trip a memorable experience. The diverse demography of the town also offers the tourists an unforgettable dining experience thanks to its cultural confluence.

Flagstaff: This small city is just not another stopover for you on your journey to the Grand Canyon. This small city is surrounded by natural beauty in abundance in the form of the San Francisco Peaks, ponderosa pine forests, and deserts. The outgoing locals who go for biking, hike, and Ski and the availability of Craft beers out there ensure a laid-back outdoor life for you. A wonderful place at a height of seven thousand feet from the sea level has a lot to offer you on your next visit there.

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