Consequences of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

There is no doubt that we have all heard of cases of driving under the influence or while impaired, whether locally, nationally, or internationally. Perhaps, even at some point in time, we might have actually done this sort of thing but got away from it safely. Unfortunately, many of these incidents have led to severe and permanent injuries and even death. In fact, DUI is considered to be one of the major causes of mortality.

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Sequence of Events

If a police officer suspects that you are driving while impaired, he/she will ask you to pull over. The officer may ask questions but it may be best for you to stay silent as anything you might say can be used as evidence against you. If anything, hold your tongue until you are able to hire an attorney that will represent your case. An attorney, such as DUI attorneys in Denver, is necessary for your case. Moreover, aside from asking questions, the officer may ask you to do several field tests to determine signs of intoxication, tests may include using a breathalyzer and/or asking you to walk a straight line. If the tests point towards you being driving while under the influence, your license may be taken away and you may be arrested. But what exactly might just happen afterwards? Western Republican has listed some of the consequences below.

The Consequences

  • Suspension of Driver’s License

There’s a big chance that your driver’s license will be suspended and it’s not just when you’re found guilty. The length of suspension varies, however. For many states, first-time offenders will face 3 months of license suspension while second-time offenders will face a couple of years. Know that the suspension of license will probably occur if you refuse to take field tests administered by the officers regardless of the result.

  • Going to Jail

As a punishment, offenders will have to go to jail. In many states, first time offenders are to spend a few days in jail; this is to teach them a lesson. As for those who have committed the offense subsequently, they may have to spend a few months to a year in prison. As your case gets more complicated, with serious injuries or death included, you will be required to serve several years depending on the law in your community.

  • Paying Fines

You may have to pay fines ranging from $500 and above, depending on the court. Unfortunately, paying these fines does not mean you’re free from the cell though; this actually goes on top of serving time in jail.

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Other Consequences

Other consequences may involve having to attend lectures and programs focusing on alcohol abuse prevention, treatment, counseling, etc.You may also face possibilities of your insurance company cancelling insurance policies or increasing their rates. And lastly, there may some job opportunities, such as being a professional driver for buses, cabs, etc., that will be closed for you because of your DUI case.

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