Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Notary

Are you in that stage of your life where you need to have a lot of documents notarised? Well, maybe that’s already a sign of being an adult.

In this age, we need to notarise several documents such as wills, certain immigration documents, Powers of Attorney, and health care documents. However, there are times that Notarisation can be challenging when using the traditional notary public.

Fortunately, there are mobile or travelling notaries now that you could really benefit from. This is the type of notary public that goes to your location to notarise your documents. They will witness the signing and verify the witnesses wherever part of the city you’re in.

Here are the benefits that you can enjoy when you decide to hire a mobile notary for your documents:

  1. Easier Access

Notary offices are easier to spot in bigger cities compared to smaller towns. With that said, if you’re living in a rural area, you might find it hard finding a notary public to notarise your documents. Most documents that need a notary public in smaller towns are property transfers.

Luckily, mobile notaries can come to the rescue! They can travel to your area no matter how far away that is from the city. As a result, it will be more convenient and easier for you to process your documents for Notarisation.

  1. No More Location Problems

Some documents require several witnesses or people to gather for the Notarisation. However, if you’re going to do it in a small notary public office, it might turn into a nightmare. That would be very uncomfortable for all parties!

When you hire a mobile notary, you can find a location that would be adequate for everyone. Furthermore, if other parties come from different places, you can set a location that can be convenient for everyone to travel to. You can choose a place that is midway for everyone. That can save time, money, and effort for all the individuals involved.

Lastly, crossing out the location issue can be very beneficial to sick or older people. The mobile notary can just bring the documents to the nursing facility, to your home, or even to a hospital room. It means that the ill or elderly don’t need to travel for the Notarisation process.

  1. Flexible Availability

Most mobile notaries have way different office hours compared to the traditional ones. With that said, they can be available on most times of the day, may it be in the morning or at night. It means that you can notarise your documents whenever you need them. This can be very beneficial especially if you need to draft a last-minute will.

The flexibility could also greatly benefit those people who aren’t available during office hours. The mobile notary is flexible enough to go to a location and meet the required parties at your chosen time.

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